Norway part 1- Lillehammer

Anyone who knows me well knows that I rarely express excitement. When we crossed the border into Norway, I screamed my girliest high-pitched squeal of excitement and scared the crap out of a napping Phil. As I drove through the winding roads, I bounced in my seat, trying to look all around me while staying on the road. This was no easy feat. After another 2 hours of driving, we found a place to camp just outside of Lillehammer. Norway, Sweden and Finland all participate in “allemannsretten,” or man’s right to roam. By law, you may camp anywhere on public land for up to 2 days (or longer with permission), so long as you are about 490 feet away from the nearest residence. There are some regulations, such as not camping on fenced land. We set up our tent right next to a public boat dock located on the fjord. 

I had been more excited about Norway than any other part of this trip. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. I’m not usually a big crier, but I cried at least 3 times on this trip. Yes, it’s really that beautiful. 

Arriving at the dock: (yes, it was chilly, but really I’m just a big baby)

Waking up in Norway:

Lillehammer drone video
Fun facts about Lillehammer-

Lillehammer is best known for housing the Olympic Winter Games in 1994. A quaint ski town, it boasts numerous winter activities. Unfortunately, we were there in summer, and there wasn’t any snow in this area (much to Phil’s dismay). The town is also home to an Olympic museum. If you like to ski, cross-country ski or bobsled, this is the town for you! During the warmer months, when the temperature heats up to a scorching 60 degrees during the day, there is still the opportunity to hike, bike, or raft.

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