Hiking in Colorado, July 2017

In the last few days, we have hiked St. Mary’s Glacier  and Maxwell Falls. Here are some highlights and tips on each. Gratuitous pictures of my dog, simply because she’s awesome.

St. Mary’s Glacier (Idaho Springs, CO): I can say from previous hikes here that this place is a wind tunnel. The lake is lovely and has really interesting trees around it. You can follow the trail around the lake (forward and slightly left), which will lead you uphill. Regardless of the time of year, I have never seen this uphill area beyond the lake free of snow. In July, people were hiking up with snowboards and skis. The terrain looked pretty slick and icy, so I don’t recommend attempting this as a beginner. Due to the breeze around the lake, it can get a bit chilly here even in summer. In winter or early spring, prepare to be blasted in the face with frigid winds and tons of snow (heavy jacket & scarf or face cover strongly recommended). Across from the lake, there is a cute little metal bridge. To the right of that, just past the bridge, there is another trail. This was less strenuous and followed a lovely creek with a small waterfall. Around the lake, just past the bridge, there’s a hill with rock formations on top. We climbed this and had a lovely and (almost) private view of the lake.


Maxwell Falls (Evergreen, CO): I’ll admit it, I was a bit disappointed. I use the AllTrails app to find hikes in the area and the pictures posted of this hike boasted a lovely, full waterfall. It has been really hot here lately and the water levels were much lower than I expected. The “river” I was giddily anticipating was a calm creek and the waterfall was more of a gentle trickle. All in all, it was a lovely hike and would have made for a great picnic day. The area is heavily wooded and most of the trail was shady and cool. I sat by the creek for a while and just enjoyed some peace and quiet. I’m certain that in Spring, just after the snow has melted, this is a much more exciting trail.


Photo credit: Phil Haberle (St. Mary’s Glacier pictures)

I will post about a few more local hikes this month. August, we will be heading to Europe and have a new drone to play with. I’m looking forward to sharing some spectacular videos.

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